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Below find links to research and reports relevant to the tourism industry in Canada and specifically to the Niagara Region, sourced from partners including Destination Canada (CTC), Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) and Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC).

product development:

Niagara Cycling Tourism Report (TPN - February 2016)
Ontario By Bike - Cycle Tourism Conference (2016)


Ontario Tourism Outlook to 2019 (MTCS - Spring 2016)
Tourism Statistics - Region 2 (MTCS - Summer 2012)
Regional Tourism Profile - RTO2 (MTCS)
Quarterly Tourism Performance (OTMPC - Summer 2015)
Current Performance Indicators (MTCS - June 2016)

Leisure Travel - Consumer Profiles & Travel Motivations:

Ontario Travel Intentions Study (OTMPC - 2014)
Segment Profiles (OTMPC)
Travel Activities and Motivations Survey (MTCS)
Millennial Travel Fact Sheet - Domestic (Destination Canada - 2015)
Millennial Travel Fact Sheet - International (Destination Canada - 2015)
The 2014 Traveler's Road to Decision (Google - June 2014)


Canadian Wineries Drive Tourism Growth (TIAC - Summer 2015)
Closing the Tourism Gap (Ontario Chamber of Commerce - 2016)


Ontario International Tourism Brand Development (OTMPC - November 2012)
Canadian Tourism: Focus on the US Market (TIAC - Winter 2015) 
Tourism Snapshot (Destination Canada - June 2016)
VISA 2015 Winter Travel Snapshot (TIAC - 2015)
VISA 2015 Summer Travel Snapshot (TIAC - 2015)