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Emails through our industry database and our website ( are our primary communication tools. 

In accordance with the Province’s direction, the RTO Board will not spend its funding on replacing programs and activities currently being delivered by other DMOs or tourism organizations. In fact, the Province will not authorize “cash flow funding” to organizations to specifically help with the delivery of their programs and services - the RTO model was not designed to be a funding agency. It is important to note that under the RTO model, existing organizations will continue to provide their tourism services to their stakeholders/members and retain their existing funding sources. The RTO for Niagara is not to duplicate what exists or to use its limited resources and dollars for activities already in place.   The overriding goal is to leverage and maximize the tourism assets, activities and resources already in place today and then to use Provincial funding to expand our destination development and marketing efforts. By providing this funding, the Province is looking for incremental growth, and “replacement funding” is counter to this, and will not be considered. The Board of Directors for Niagara’s RTO is responsible for ensuring that the funding that is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is effectively utilized in accordance with generally accepted provincial governance and management practices and obligations detailed in the Transfer Agreement that it has signed.  
The ministry’s expectation is that the RTO will work with all tourism partners in the region to enhance and grow that region’s tourism products and marketing activities. We are working hard to ensure that the work of Niagara's RTO complements and does not compete with existing Tourism organizations. RTOs will be responsible for working with tourism partners to enhance and grow that region’s tourism products and marketing activities. As independent, industry-led organizations, RTOs will operate differently in different parts of the province. RTOs will, however, be accountable for growing tourism business, including working with existing marketing organizations and others involved in tourism.