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Tourism Partnership of Niagara (TPN) was established in 2010 as one of Ontario’s 13 Regional Tourism Offices (RTOs). Representing all of the municipalities within the Regional Municipality of Niagara, the TPN is an independent, industry-led, not-for-profit organization responsible for working with tourism partners to enhance and grow Niagara’s tourism products and marketing activities.

TPN represents the Niagara Region, which comprises a large geographic area with a rich and diverse tourism industry. By recent count there are well over 200 established organizations actively engaged in tourism or economic activities in which tourism plays a significant role. There are thousands of private operations and each of these organizations maintains, in one form or another, tourism marketing and/or development plans, and most of these organizations also participate in cooperative local, regional, and sectoral marketing and advertising initiatives that are supported by plans of their own. Our sub-regional partners Niagara Falls Tourism, Tourism Niagara-on-the-Lake, City of St. Catharines Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Twenty Valley Tourism Association and Niagara's South Coast Tourism Association share our vision of becoming the #1 international tourism destination in North America.


The current funding that is being provided to Niagara is relatively small ($ 3.5 million) in relationship to the region’s tourism receipts of almost $2 billion per year. Accordingly, the overriding goal of the TPN is to leverage and maximize the tourism assets, activities and resources already in place today and then use Provincial funding to expand Niagara’s destination development and marketing efforts.


Become the #1 international tourism destination in North America by creating a Niagara discovery experience that is so naturally awe-inspiring, so vibrant, and so much fun that visitors can’t wait to be a part of it.


Enhance and grow a highly competitive tourism region through visitor-centric strategies. Build a strong relevant brand that maintains Niagara Canada's reputation as a world-renowned destination for leisure and MC&IT travel.


TPN’s mandate is to provide leadership and coordination to attract more visitors, generate more economic activity and create more jobs across the Niagara region.